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    Java Code generator enhancements for JDK7

    Java 7 COIN features implemented in the enhanced code generator


    How that JDK6 support has been dropped after Java 1.6 reached EOL in February 2013. The new COIN Java 7 language features have been added to the code generator. 

    See an example of the generated Java code for SiteScriptModule here


    @CheckReturnValue added to all "get" & "is" generated methods

    @NotNull added to all generated return values known not to return a null value or when the parameter must not be null. 

    Diamond Operator

    The diamond Operator is used to reduced the verbosity surrounding generics by having the compiler infer parameter types.

    All constants moved to the Data Access Layer interfaces

    All field names constants are moved to the interface. These interfaces are shared with the generated GWT stubs and can be used remotely via the SOAP interface.